Purviance 4StarK4 Trumpet Mouthpiece (4*K4) Photo

Here’s a quick photo we took of a Purviance 4*K4 that we are making up to take to the 2012 ITG Conference in two weeks. The 4*K4 was Louis Armstrong’s trumpet mouthpiece of choice later in his career. While working for Purviance, Bob Reeves made many of Louis Armstrong’s mouthpieces. For more information on Purviance mouthpieces, click here.

Purviance 4StarK4 Trumpet Mouthpiece
Cutting a Purviance 4*K4 trumpet mouthpiece.

2012 International Trumpet Guild Conference – Columbus, GA

Next month we will be heading to Columbus, GA for the 2012 International Trumpet Guild Conference.  The conference runs from May 22 -26 and will be full of great performances, clinics, and lectures. Be sure to swing by the Bob Reeves Brass booth to meet Bob, Brett, and John.

New Classical Mouthpieces!

Bob Reeves Prototype 1-1/2C
Bob Reeves Prototype 1-1/2C from the new Classical Series

Be one of the first to try prototypes of Bob’s new line of Classical Mouthpieces. The list of players already in line to get these pieces when they will be released later this year is quite astounding. You can play these pieces to find out yourself why we already have a waiting list for the first production run.


Bob Reeves Consulting with a Customer
Bob Reeves consulting with a customer at the ITG Conference

Our staff will be available at the booth for equipment consultations. Bob Reeves will be at the booth Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and is more than happy to share his knowledge of equipment and throw in some great stories! Brett and John will be available the entire show for equipment consultations (although their stories are not nearly as entertaining as Bob’s!).

Valve alignment

Have you always wanted a Bob Reeves Patented Valve Alignment but didn’t want to ship your trumpet to our shop? You are in luck because we will be doing alignments at the conference. Just drop your horn off at our booth and you can pick it up the next day! Bob configured a small travel lathe that we can take on the road allowing us to do most of the things that we can do in our shop.

We are only doing a limited number of alignments and reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to do an alignment, call (800-837-0980) or email us (info@bobreeves.com) right away to secure your slot. A few of the days are already close to being full.

  • Tuesday, May 22nd – Spots Available
  • Wednesday, May 23rd – Spots Available
  • Thursday, May 24th – Just a few slots left!
  • Friday, May 25th – 1 slot left!

Not sure if you need an alignment? Bring your trumpet by our booth and we will be happy to measure it to show you how far out of alignment it is at no charge.

Mouthpieces, mouthpieces, and more mouthpieces

350 Trumpet Mouthpieces at the ITG Conference
350 Trumpet Mouthpieces at the ITG Conference

If you have never visited our booth at a trade show before, you are in for a real treat. We bring everything but the kitchen sink. Here’s a partial list of stuff we will have for you to try (and buy!) at the show:

Other Fun Stuff

Besides the vast mouthpiece selection, we will have the following to try:

Visit from the In the Mood Trumpet Section

The other day we had the pleasure of a visit from another traveling show. The trumpet section (plus a patient trombone and sax player) from the In the Mood show stopped by our shop in between their tour dates for alignments and mouthpiece consultation. The trumpet section consists of Dan Smith (lead), Bob Garrett, and William Moore and they can really light it up!

The In the Mood show is a 1940s music review, presenting authentic arrangements and playing with that 1940s sound that is so familiar to us all. Check out this sample from their 2nd trumpet Bob Garrett’s youtube page. It doesn’t get more 40s than this!

Check out the show if it stops by a town near you!

Yoshino Kazutaka Advisers Day 2012 – Osaka, Japan

Yoshino Kazutaka Adviser's Day
Try Bob Reeves Mouthpieces and prototypes of our new classical line this weekend!

For all our Japanese customers , this coming Saturday and Sunday (31-March and 1-April)  Mr. Yoshino Kazutaka, the trumpet specialist at our Japanese dealer Joy Brass, will be holding clinics at Miki Gakki in Osaka.

This will be a great opportunity to try Bob Reeves mouthpieces. Mr. Kazutaka will have a large selection with him and you can take advantage of his extensive knowledge of our pieces.

Among the selection of pieces will be two prototype mouthpieces from our upcoming classical line — a 3C and a 1 1/2C. These pieces are engineered to have a classic sound and feel but with the benefit of modern improvements in mouthpiece design. Joy Brass will be taking pre-orders at this event for our new mouthpieces.

Mr. Kazutaka is the trumpet specialist at Joy Brass and as such is very knowledgeable of trumpet playing and the Bob Reeves line of mouthpieces.  He has personally worked with us for many years and has acted as liaison for many Japanese customers looking for custom work. We hope you can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Reeves Customers Around the World: Greece

There is a small but thriving community of commercial trumpet players in Greece and they all play Bob Reeves and Purviance mouthpieces. Here’s a photo that they sent to us from backstage at a concert with trumpet player Bobby Shew. Thanks guys for sending us the photo. I hope we can visit soon!

Bob Reeves Customers in Greece with Bobby Shew.
Bob Reeves Customers (L to R): Manos Theodosakis, Dionisis Kokolis, Vagelis Katsarelis & Yiannis Karayiannakis with Bobby Shew (seated).

Happy New Year

We’d like to wish you a Happy New Year. Thank you for making 2011 one of our best ever. There is a lot happening in 2012, so be sure to check back with us either on our web site, here on our blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

We’ll be closed on Monday, January 2nd, but will open up for business as usual on Tuesday, January 3rd.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Bob’s first lathe which has been in continual use since Bob opened shop now going into our 43rd year.

Bob Reeves' First Lathe
Bob Reeves First Lathe with Trumpet Mouthpiece Blanks

Photo from the Archives: Salko, Fagerquist, Armstrong, Zarchy, Stevens

For many years we’ve had a signed photo of Zeke Zarchy standing with Louis Armstrong hanging on the shop wall. Bob loves telling the story of how Zeke had an artist paint in his left hand, which at close look, seems rather larger. Here’s the photo:

Louis Armstrong and Zeke Zarchy
Louis Armstrong and Zeke Zarchy photo signed by Zeke.

Well, we were doing some winter cleaning and came across the original photo that was used:

Trumpet players: Jimmy Salko, Don Fagerquist, Louis Armstrong, Zeke Zarchy, Manny Stevens
From L to R: Jimmy Salko, Don Fagerquist, Louis Armstrong, Zeke Zarchy, Manny Stevens

Apparently, Zeke had cropped out the rest of the trumpet section! On the left is Jimmy Salko who was a customer of Bob’s for years playing on his mouthpieces and getting valve alignments on all his trumpets. Next to him is Don Fagerquist, a fabulous trumpet player who Bob heard often around town.  In the middle is Louis Armstrong. While working for Purviance, Bob made Louis Armstrong’s last 6 trumpet mouthpieces. They were all Puviance 4*K4 mouthpieces or variations on them. Next to Louis is Zeke, who Bob knew for years and made several mouthpieces for and line up all his trumpets. Finally, on the far right is Manny Stevens. Manny was also a long-time customer of Bob’s, playing on Bob’s pieces and having alignments done whenever he picked up a new horn.