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Trombone Mouthpieces – Series 2

We are hard at work designing our next release of the Bob Reeves – Brass Ark trombone mouthpiece line. Our second release will include our first two small bore tenor trombone mouthpieces.

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the analysis that goes on behind-the-scenes here at the shop. Studying and understanding the acoustics behind the instrument and the mouthpiece only paints part of the picture. Each model represents hundreds of hours of analysis and interacting with players to find out what makes a particular mouthpiece “magical.”

Doc Severinsen, and Harry Kim with Bob Reeves

Doc Severinsen was recently in town performing with his big band so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to hear him live. It’s amazing to think that Doc and Bob Reeves go back over 40 years! We’ve made well over 100 mouthpieces and 75 valve alignments for Doc through the years.

Another great friend and customer of ours, Harry Kim, joined Bob in the audience. You can catch Harry on TV playing with his Vine Street Horn Section.

Be sure to check our our interviews with Doc Severinsen and Harry Kim on our trumpet podcast, The Other Side of the Bell.

Greg Spence and his new Reeves Mouthpiece

Greg Spence was recently in town doing his U.S. Mystery to Mastery Tour when he dropped by the shop for a mouthpiece consultation. We dialed in a Bob Reeves mouthpiece for Greg and he immediately took to it. In fact, as soon as he got back to Australia he used it on the APRA AMCOS Screen Music Awards show.

Be sure to check our our interview with Greg Spence on The Other Side of the Bell!

Schilke Artist Jon Faddis with Bob Reeves

One of the great things about going to trumpet conferences is meeting up with old friends and customers. At the last ITG Jon Faddis dropped by our booth to say hi. Faddis and Bob Reeves go way back to the early days of the shop when he was just a teenager.

Trumpet legend Jon Faddis at our booth today catching up with Bob Reeves.

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From The Archives: Bob Reeves Drawing a Bell at the Burbank Benge Trumpet Factory

Here’s a great photo we came across of Bob Reeves drawing bells at the famous Benge trumpet factory in Burbank, California. This photo was taken in the early 1960’s when Bob worked for Benge. If you are looking for more information on Benge trumpets, Joe Lill has a wonderful web site devoted to Benge.

Bob Reeves at the Benge trumpet factory in the early 1960s.
Bob Reeves at the Benge trumpet factory in the early 1960s.