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An interesting bubble wrap job.

The best way to ship a horn is without a case. Horns often shift in a case when shipping and get damaged. Additionally, most shipping companies charge by dimensional weight (the size of the package, not the actual weight) and putting a horn in a case just adds to the size of the box you must use. It also adds to the weight so that if the box is dropped, it impacts harder. In order to ensure that your horn is protected and that your shipping costs are minimized follow the guidelines below:


Wrap instrument in bubble wrap (available at packing supply stores and shipping centers)
and tape closed.

Pack in a sturdy box that gives at least 2-3 inches on all sides of the instrument.

Fill the space around the instrument with Styrofoam packing "worms" or, if not available, use shredded paper (be sure to pack firmly, too little packing material is dangerous).

Enclose a letter that includes your Name, Address, and Phone Number, as well as return shipping information including how much you want the instrument insured for.

Seal box with packing tape, use "Fragile" stickers and insure for replacement value.

Ship to:

Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces
25574 Rye Canyon Road, Suite D
Valencia, CA 91355


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