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The Paper Trick

Trumpet Mouthpiece Gap Adjustment Paper Trick

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**Your mouthpiece must be converted to accept sleeves in order to use them.**

Click here to watch videos regarding the Bob Reeves Sleeve System and gap adjustment.
A method for determining how to proceed when a mouthpiece feels stuffy or has pitch problems in any or all registers.

Cut a strip of paper about 1/4 inch wide and an inch long. Lay this paper lengthwise along the outside shank of your mouthpiece (don't wrap it around, lay it lengthwise) and place it in your trumpet.

This will cause the mouthpiece to stick out of the horn a little further (approximately 1/32").

Then play it and see if the stuffiness or pitch gets better, worse, or no change.

If it gets worse, stop. If there is no change or it gets better add another piece of paper and see what happens.

Then contact us with your results. This gives us more information from which to analyze your particular situation.

This is obviously a good method for determining if the gap you are using is too small.

The easiest and best way to  experiment with decreasing the gap is to send us your mouthpiece and have us convert it for use with our sleeve system.

Click Here to read more about the Gap.

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