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Howie Shear
Bopliography CD

In the words of Alphonse Mouzon, "Bopliography is a sure winner and so is the trumpet master Howie Shear." This album, featuring all original tunes composed by Howie, will keep you coming back for more and more. Your ears won't regret hearing Bopliography.
    Track Listing:
  1. Black Hawk
  2. When the Leaves Turn Brown
  3. A Room with a View
  4. Bopliography
  5. The Bronx
  6. When It Was a Game
  7. Kathleen
  8. The Hall
  9. The Gift of the Magi

  10. $17.00
Bopliography Music Minus One - Reference w/ CD

With this Music Minus One CD, you can play along with the band on all 9 charts from Howie Shear's album, Bopliography. Included are parts in Bb, C, Eb, and Bass Clef and a Play Along CD.

Solo Transcriptions from Bopliography - Reference

This book includes transcriptions of all of Howie Shear's solos from his album Bopliography. Expertly done by Brian Swartz, this book lets you see how and why Howie sounds like he does.


Jazz Improvisation: Simplified - Reference

As a student Howie Shear was continually frustrated with traditional jazz pedagogy that bordered on high math, and this frustration lead him to spend over 15 years simplifying his approach to jazz improvisation. Through his extensive study of music theory and the jazz masters, Howie has simplified jazz improvisation methodology such that even very beginning students will be able to understand it right away.

His method makes it easy for the beginner as well as the accomplished improviser to expand their knowledge without being intimidated by chord changes, either simple or complex.

The Bebop Vocabulary - Reference

Howie Shear's The Bebop Vocabulary is a comprehensive method that teaches the jazz vocabulary in a way that was previously accessible only through tedious transcription. In this systematic text, Howie teaches students the words of the jazz vocabulary, which, after prolonged exposure, the student will begin to speak as fluently as another language.

8ctet CD

This CD blends the excitement of a big band with the intimaticy of a combo. From smoking horn soli sections, to world class solos, to incomparable vocal renditions, this album burns from the opening note to the last. Including original charts and unique takes on old favorites, this CD will find a place your regular playlist.
    Track Listing:
  1. All the Things You Are
  2. I'll Remember April
  3. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
  4. Cheek to Cheek
  5. How High the Moon
  6. A Train/Don't Mean a Thing Medley
  7. Sophisticated Lady
  8. Tempest Fugit
  9. Leftovers Again?
  10. Autumn Leaves
  11. Black Hawk


Roy Poper
L.A. Trumpetworks CD

Roy Poper's first solo trumpet CD, L.A. Trumpet Works, features music by Los Angeles-based composers and the talents of James Howsmon, Eunice Lee, Richard Halligan and Bryan Pezzone on piano, David Johnson on percussion and Laura Kuennen-Poper on viola.
    Featured works:
  • Morten Lauridsen: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
  • Maria Newmann: Kestrel and Leonardo for Trumpet and Viola
  • Dwight Stone: Pastorale for Trumpet and Pianoforte
  • Richard Halligan: Meditation for Trumpet and Piano
  • Richard Halligan: Dialogues for Trumpet, Piano, and Percussion
  • Halsey Stevens: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano


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