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Bob Reeves Brass Videos
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Bob Reeves tells a funny story about working with Bud Brisbois Size: 3.1MB
Bob Reeves talks about the importance of the gap. Size: 2.3MB
Bob Reeves on mouthpiece making. Size: 5.7MB
Jim Whiting discusses getting a more efficient mouthpiece than his Bach 1 1/4C for a commercial gig. Size: 3.3MB
Jim Manley tells a story about using his C2J mouthpiece on a gig. Size: 2.9MB
Freelance trumpeter Roger Wood on the efficiency of his new Bob Reeves Mouthpieces. Size: 3.5MB
Vince Lopez, free lance musician, on the benefits of using his C2J Mouthpiece. Size: 1.6MB
Vince Lopez, free lance musician, describes the process he went through downsizing his mouthpiece and the benefits he noticed. Size: 2.8MB
Long time customer Vince Lopez explains the value Bob Reeves Brass provides in their products and services. Size: 1.0MB

Valve Alignment
Bob Reeves tells a story about John Audino and his valve alignment. Size: 3.5MB
Bob Reeves discusses the origins of Valve Alignments Size: 4.3MB
Chris Tedesco talks about getting a Bob Reeves valve alignment on his Destino trumpet and his experience moving to L.A. Size: 5.9MB
John Snell talks about how he resisted the alignment for 6 months after working for Bob, then finally caved in. Size: 3.3MB
Frank Heinrichs, free lance musician, talks about his experiences with valve alignment. Size: 2.3MB
Vince Lopez, free lance musician, on getting his trumpets aligned at Bob Reeves Brass Size: 1.2MB


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