The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast; Episode #33: Bob Reeves

Episode #33 — Bob Reeves

Trumpet Podcast Logo - Bob ReevesWelcome to the show notes for Episode #33 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features trumpet and trombone mouthpiece maker Bob Reeves.

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About Bob Reeves

bob christmasBob Reeves holds an AA degree in Arts and Engineering from China Lake Naval Ordinance Test Station where he apprenticed for six years as an experimental machinist and toolmaker. He also worked for the Eldon Benge Company, in Burbank, California. Originally, he was hired as a bell and tool maker but soon ended up building every part of the trumpet, as well as assembling trumpets when needed. During that time he also worked with Carroll Purviance, where he honed his skill as a mouthpiece maker.

Bob Reeves in Toronto while visiting the Canadian Brass.
Bob Reeves in Toronto while visiting the Canadian Brass.

Bob will always be a musician, and in his younger years played the trumpet. He studied the trumpet with John Clyman (the principal trumpet with the 20th Century Fox studios for twenty-five years) at Los Angeles City College while pursuant of his AA degree in Arts and Music.

Bob Reeves has been working with brass players, making mouthpieces, and adjusting their instruments since 1964 and continues to study and improve upon the methods and products that he develops.

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  • Jeff Folkens

    I eagerly await each of the podcasts and have listened to them all. Might I suggest that you include a representative sound clip or two of each interviewed player in lieu of the current theme music.