The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast; Episode #20: Bob Findley

Episode #20 – Bob Findley

Episode 20 - Bob Findley

Welcome to the show notes for Episode #20 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features Bob Findley, one of the most prolific and respected trumpet players in Hollywood, who can be heard on thousands of records, TV themes, and movie soundtracks. Bob plays on his own Bob Findley Signature Model Van Laar trumpet.

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About Bob Findley

Trumpeter Bob Findley, here with his Signature Model Van Laar trumpet
Trumpeter Bob Findley, here with his Signature Model Van Laar trumpet.

Bob Findley is one of the most versatile studio trumpet players in Los Angeles. His list of recording credits covers just about every genre of music imaginable – from classical scores to soaring lead trumpet cues to jazz solos.

Bob started in the music business at a young age, working in the Cleveland as a trumpet player right out of school. It wasn’t long before he joined the Tommy Dorsey Band, under the direction of Charlie Shavers, playing the jazz chair.

Bob Findley settled in Las Vegas where he had the opportunity to play with the biggest musical acts of the day. He then was lured to Hollywood by his younger brother, Chuck, who had already established himself as a top-call trumpet player in the local scene.

Since his move to California, Bob has played on thousands of television themes, including featured solos on many well-known programs, and has performed on the live broadcast for the Oscar’s award show several times. He can be heard on over 300 major motion picture soundtracks. Bob has performed with many of the top popular music acts both in recording and live concerts.

Bob authored a trumpet method book titled “Bob Findley on Trumpet: A Method Book” which covers many aspects of modern trumpet playing.

Bob Findley plays on a Bob Findley Signature Model Van Laar Bb trumpet, Van Laar C trumpet, Van Laar B1 flugelhorn, and on Bob Findley Signature Model Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces.

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