The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast; Episode #6: Carroll Purviance, Harry Kim

Episode #6 – Carroll Purviance, Harry Kim

The Other Side of the Bell - A Trumpet PodcastWelcome to the show notes for Episode #6 of The Other Side Of The Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features an interview with Harry Kim, founder of the Vine Street Horns, and Bob Reeves sharing stories about one of his mentors, Carroll Purviance.

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About Trumpet Mouthpiece Maker Carroll Purviance

Carroll Purviance in his shop in Los Angeles, CA.
Carroll Purviance in his shop in Los Angeles, CA.

Carroll Purviance was a prominent brass mouthpiece maker in Los Angeles, CA starting in the mid- to late-1930s. He worked in his shop on Sunset Boulevard right up to his death in 1969.

While Purviance is most known for his trumpet mouthpiece line, he also made mouthpieces for bass trombone, trombone, cornet, and french horn.

Before settling in Los Angeles, Purviance played cornet with Dunbar’s White Hussars band that traveled on the Chautauqua Circuit.

Purviance learned his craft from some great local craftsman. Among them were: Roe Plimpton, Earl Strickler, and Earl Williams.

Particular Performers Prefer Purviance

An original Purviance Mouthpiece catalog.
An original Purviance Mouthpiece catalog.

Purviance trumpet and cornet mouthpieces are still made today by Bob Reeves Brass using the same tooling and methods used decades ago.

You can find out more about the particular mouthpiece models on the Purviance Mouthpiece page on our website.



About Trumpet Player Harry Kim

Harry Kim with Bob Reeves
Harry Kim with Bob Reeves

Harry’s bio courtesy of “Harry Kim is one of the most visible musicians of our time, with numerous appearances on awards shows, international television specials, and world tours with global superstars. His stage presence, versatility, and leadership qualities both on and off stage make him stand-out, whether in the roll as a sideman or frontman. His writing and arranging for his Vine Street Horns and others are an example of creativity.

Harry’s experience is extremely diverse from playing with the legendary Harry James to some of the most contemporary artists such as Lady Gaga. HIs long list of credits and discography reveals his extending outside the USA with artists in Latin America, France, and other parts of the world. Harry is fluent in Spanish, and also speaks French.

The albums, television, and movies that Harry has been associated with have receive numerous awards such as gold records, platinum records, multi-platinum records, Grammys, Latin Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars. Extraordinary events  and things such as concerts to 500,000 people, being on stage when Michael Jackson debuted the Moon Walk, or opening the Grammys with over 25 million people watching.

Through all of this he maintains a unique outlook on life that is inspiring for any listener. Often there is a mystique about how people achieve success. But, this is not the case with Harry as he shares his life lessons. He is able to connect with any audience with a genuine openness that doesn’t hide anything.

Listeners receive practical lessons from one of the most experienced musicians of our time. These presentations are engaging, incorporate multimedia, and are appropriate for business conferences, church leadership conferences, and music conventions.”

Be sure to check out Harry Kim’s website at

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