The Other Side Of The Bell – A Trumpet Podcast: Episode #1

The Other Side of the Bell - A Trumpet Podcast

Welcome to the show notes for Episode #1 of The Other Side Of The Bell. In this episode we interview Australian trumpet player Paul Panichi, Bob Reeves shares some great stories on Hollywood legend John Audino, and John Snell gives you 9 Tips to help out your trumpet playing in 2013.

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An Interview with Paul Panichi

Australian trumpet player Paul Panichi.
Australian trumpet player Paul Panichi. Image courtesy of

Here are some of Paul Panichi’s impressive credits from his website (

Paul Panichi is one of Australia’s top Lead trumpet players and over the past thirty years has played for major Television shows like Australian Idol and the Music Max Session featuring Michael Buble. He has extensive theatre and recording credits and has also recorded on the soundtracks for major films such as Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge and Australia.

Paul has a CV boasting concerts and tours with some of the world’s biggest artists including Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Liza Minneli, Sammy Davis Junior, Michael Buble, Shirley Bassey, Al Jarreau and Peter Allen along with Asian artists Joey Yung, Khalil Fong, Jenny Tseng, George Lam, Rubber Band and Chris Wong.

Since 2004 Paul has divided his time working between Sydney and Hong Kong and as a result has performed and toured with some of the biggest artists in Asia culminating in the 2007 world tour of Hong Kong Superstar Jacky Cheung.

Paul talks about how he got his career started and how it has evolved with the music industry through the years. He also shares some valuable insights about both trumpet playing and the music business. It was a real pleasure to get to sit down and talk with Paul about his trumpet experiences.

Image courtesy of FrameAngel /
Image courtesy of FrameAngel /

Recap of the 9 Tips:

1. Restarts are Okay!

2. Back to Fundamentals.

3. Clean Your Trumpet & Mouthpiece.

4. Have Fun!

5. Take a Lesson.

6. Get Together With Others.

7. Set Goals.

8. Listen, listen, listen!

9. Perform!

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We Want To Hear From You

What tips to do you have to share to other trumpet players to help take their playing to the next level in 2013? Please leave your tips in the comments section below!