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Custom Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Custom Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Solutions

If you are like most trumpet players your flugelhorn is more of an afterthought. It is something you have to lug around to pull out for the ballad — cold, out of tune, and using a mouthpiece that you’re not quite sure goes with the flugel. A custom flugelhorn mouthpiece can help.

One way to help make the flugelhorn easier and more fun to play is by customizing the mouthpiece. A service we often recommend is threading your trumpet rim (or a backup) and putting on your flugel mouthpiece. That way, when you make the quick switch between trumpet and flugel on the bandstand, the mouthpieces feel similar. This takes away a lot of the shock factor of playing flugelhorn.

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Van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns

Van Laar Oiram II Bb TrumpetWe are excited to announce that Bob Reeves Brass now carries Van Laar Trumpets and Flugelhorns.  These fine, handcrafted instruments are a great addition to the consultations, products, and services we already offer. With our experience in matching players to the right equipment and the exquisite horns produced by Van Laar you will be able to find the instrument that best fits your needs.

For more information on Van Laar trumpet and flugelhorns, call us at (800) 837-0980, email us at info@bobreeves.com, or visit us at the shop. Continue reading Van Laar Trumpets & Flugelhorns