Opa Opa On Tour!

We had Oswaldo Bernard, the band leader of L.A.-based latin band OPA OPA, in the shop to pick up a new mouthpiece for a friend (what a great friend, huh!) and have us do some work on his horn.  It turns out he’s taking off to go on tour to Costa Rica and then on to New York for a week. If you are near New York in September, see if you can swing by and check them out. They will be in Battery Park on Sept. 8th and in Tropical Reflections in Brooklyn on the 11th. Check their web site for more details.

One of the best parts about working here at the shop is that when our customers leave with a mouthpiece or a valve alignment, they often leave their CD’s behind! We’ve been listening to both of OPA OPA’s CD’s (Mojaditicos & Los Paisajes) all day and we highly recommend picking them up from either their web site here, or from iTunes.

It was great seeing Oswaldo, and I have to admit it would be kind of nice taking off to Costa Rica and New York for a few weeks, but he didn’t have any more room in his luggage!

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Disneyland All-American College Band Reunion

We had the pleasure of having Tim, Michael, and Alphonso – most of the trumpet section of the Disneyland All-American College Band – visit us last month trying out mouthpieces. They are an incredible bunch of talented college players from across the country who come out for the summer to play in the park (and get paid too!). They ended up with some more efficient mouthpieces to make their jobs easier at the park (5 shows a day), and some cylinder reinforcers for their Xeno horns.

Then a few weeks later we had Cade visit us from South Dakota for a valve alignment, only to find out that he was visiting for the Disney band’s reunion concert. Although we couldn’t make it to the park to see the show, we did find some videos online to share with you of the band. It looks like they had a lot of fun…and word has it that on “Bubbles was a Cheerleader” they had trumpet players who only played the ‘doits’.

Enjoy –

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Shop Visitor – Mark Lawrence

We haven’t had a chance to update our blog in a few weeks, mostly due to the fact that we’ve had mouthpieces to make and valve alignments to do!

Trombone player Mark Lawrence with Bob Reeves
Bob Reeves with Trombonist Mark Lawrence

It was great to see our long time customer, Mark Lawrence, swing by the shop for some mouthpiece work. Mark, if you don’t know, is a fabulous trombone player, having played principal in the San Francisco Symphony for many years. He also teaches trombone at the Colburn Conservatory of Music here in L.A. It was great to see you Mark!

Many may not know that we can do custom work such as threading and alterations. If you are interested in this kind of work give us call or email!

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Mouthpiece Threading

We get quite a few calls about threading rims, cups, backbores and underparts. I’d like to take the time to answer some of the many questions we get.

Why Use Screw-Rim Mouthpieces?

The trumpet mouthpiece is the connecting point between the instrument and player. Due to the unique qualities of each player’s lips, teeth, and jaw structure, choosing a rim is as personal a decision as finding a soul mate…which is why we often tell customers to “marry” a rim if it feels comfortable.

Once you find a rim that connects with you, put it on every mouthpiece you own: trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo, lead mouthpiece. When you switch from horn to horn, the adjustments necessary to switch are minimized since the mouthpiece feels the same to you.

Threading mouthpieces is a handy solution when you find a rim that feels good, but you are not satisfied with the sound or playability of the mouthpiece. This may be because the rim comes off of a piece that wasn’t designed to do what you want. For example, you like the feel of a rim off of a lead mouthpiece but you mostly play orchestral music. Instead of going on a mouthpiece safari trying rims with similar dimensions, cut it off and thread it and put it on a orchestral mouthpiece.

What We Can Do

We can thread any type of mouthpiece using any thread you would like (Reeves threads, Schilke threads, Bach threads, etc.). Most mouthpieces are threaded at the rim so that the rim can be used on different underparts – the underparts consisting of the cup, bore, backbore and shank. While not as popular, we can also thread cups and backbores similar to the Warburton style mouthpieces.

It is important to note that when we thread parts and put them together, we are able to maintain the cup depth and other important dimensions of the mouthpiece so that are results are consistent.

Customer Story

An orchestral player was in the shop last week looking to improve his setup. All of his horns have been aligned and he was going back and forth between mouthpieces because he liked the feel of one (a Monette mouthpiece) and the sound of the other (an old Bach mouthpiece). This was the perfect case where putting the parts together would solve his problem.  He ended up with a Monette rim on an old Bach underpart and left sounding even better than when he arrived.

If you have any questions about our threading or any other alterations that we do, feel free to send us an email or give us a call!

Shop Visitors!

Bob Reeves visitors Jeff Kaye and Bryan Lipps
John with trumpet players Jeff Kaye and Bryan Lipps

This week we had some great players swing by the shop to get work done! Jeff Kaye dropped by to get a valve alignment on a beautiful old Selmer Paris Bb, and Bryan Lipps tried some mouthpieces out.

Jeff left us with a copy of his exceptional jazz CD “Just Like Me” that have been enjoying all week. My favorite cut so far is Harvey Headbanger. You can pick up a copy of his CD for yourself on Jeff’s web site at http://www.jeffkayejazz.com.

Bryan is hitting the road with Michael Buble, you can check out the tour schedule here and maybe catch one of his shows!

Thanks for visiting guys!

Bob Reeves Mouthpieces Now In Australia!

Temby Australia
New Bob Reeves Dealer: Temby Australia

We’d like to give a hearty welcome to our newest dealer Temby Australia. We are excited to finally have a dealer Down Under to service our many Australian customers (and there are a lot of you!).

They have a good stock of our trumpet, flugelhorn, and piccolo mouthpieces and they also carry our H2Oil valve oil. You can also try our special C2J mouthpiece that gets a flugel-like sound on a standard trumpet.

Temby Australia will be exhibiting at the International Trumpet Guild 2010 Conference in Sydney in July. Contact them or check back here for more up to date ITG Conference information.

You can contact Temby Australia here:

1st Floor
339 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Phone – 613 9699 9099
Fax – 613 9699 9266
Toll Free 1300 729899 Australia only
Web: www.temby.com

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