• Mike Supple

    I feel this is one of the best live performances Doc ever did. Sound, range, technique, articulation….It’s all there!

    Those one-handed high G’s are also incredible….

    Doc is one of a kind, and we will never see anyone like him again…He is over 80 now, and still playing strong as ever. Thanks for the music and inspiration, Doc.

    Mike Supple

    • Deone Johnson

      Everyone keeps saying to breath lower etc., Doc fills all the way up, even raising his shoulders and has the most amazing sound. That is what 8 hours a day for 60 years will get yah! The best stuff.

      • Doc certainly fills all the way up. What I’ve noticed with probably 99% of the players that walk through my door is that breathing ‘high’ translates into unnecessary tension in the shoulders, chest, and throat.

        Doc is an example of someone who can raise his shoulders yet still be completely relaxed (in all the right places).

  • SHS

    Wow! I am speechless. I saw Mr. Severinsen in Spokane, Wa. when I was in 10th grade…1980 -ish? He finished a classical concert on a high F.
    This was incredible. I think he is one of the finest of performers. You can’t help but love the sound, the sizzle and the zing. But most of all, I love the way he loves what he does, the fun he has in the moment. That is a thrill to see.
    Way to go, Doc!

  • Jim Franklin

    Doc was hot, and tasty as well. I’m assuming that the incredible John Audino and the Candoli brothers were in the band at that time. Thanks for posting this show.

  • cbcbcbcb

    First time ever seeing Doc play a flugel