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Video: Trumpet Mouthpiece In The Making

A lot of work goes into making every Bob Reeves Brass trumpet mouthpiece. Even our stock mouthpieces take from 45 minutes to an hour to make, and that is after the blank is made on our CNC Lathe.

You can see how an underpart blank is made in our previous blog post here.

Below is a time-lapse video we took that shows how many steps are involved in making a Bob Reeves mouthpiece.


Making a Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece Underpart Blank

Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece Underpart Blanks

In the old days, Bob Reeves used to shut down the shop for 6 to 8 weeks in order to make his mouthpiece blanks for the year. That meant nothing shipped, the doors were locked and the phones went straight to the answering machine (once those were invented).

Today, we use our CNC lathe to crank out trumpet mouthpiece underparts, all threaded and ready to be turned into mouthpieces, every 90 seconds. That means we can make a good supply of them in a week and mostly unattended. Someone has to throw a 6-foot rod of brass into the bar feeder every hour or so.

Here is our CNC doing its magic:

Visit from the In the Mood Trumpet Section

The other day we had the pleasure of a visit from another traveling show. The trumpet section (plus a patient trombone and sax player) from the In the Mood show stopped by our shop in between their tour dates for alignments and mouthpiece consultation. The trumpet section consists of Dan Smith (lead), Bob Garrett, and William Moore and they can really light it up!

The In the Mood show is a 1940s music review, presenting authentic arrangements and playing with that 1940s sound that is so familiar to us all. Check out this sample from their 2nd trumpet Bob Garrett’s youtube page. It doesn’t get more 40s than this!

Check out the show if it stops by a town near you!

Snooky Young Video

We are very sad to hear of the passing of trumpet player Snooky Young. It is an understatement to say that Snooky set the standard for lead trumpet players. We are fortunate to have been able to hear him perform many times through the years. Bob started doing work for Snooky back in the 70’s, and has done several alignments for him through the years.

Here is a video of Snooky that we came across that really shows his sensitive side:

Happy Autumn (with Sarah Vaughan and Wynton Marsalis)!

Happy Fall (or Autumn)! We didn’t get much of a Summer here in Valencia, CA, with most of the days being cloudy and temperatures in the 70’s.

Besides making mouthpieces and accessories, we have been working on some new exciting projects here at the shop. Some of these projects are still super-secret, but I can tell you that one of them is our long-awaited line of symphonic mouthpieces. Keep checking back here regularly for the latest updates.

If you are not in the Autumn mood yet, maybe this video of Sarah Vaughan and Wynton Marsalis playing Autumn Leaves will get you in the right spot! Enjoy!

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Charley Davis Trumpet Video – “Something”

We’ve been swamped here the last few weeks and haven’t been able to update the blog as much as we’d like. We just had Charley drop by the other day for a valve alignment and though it would be great to share this video of him back in his Buddy Rich days playing the tune “Something”. I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend than listening to a beautiful song played by a wonderful trumpet player. Enjoy!

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Disneyland All-American College Band Reunion

We had the pleasure of having Tim, Michael, and Alphonso – most of the trumpet section of the Disneyland All-American College Band – visit us last month trying out mouthpieces. They are an incredible bunch of talented college players from across the country who come out for the summer to play in the park (and get paid too!). They ended up with some more efficient mouthpieces to make their jobs easier at the park (5 shows a day), and some cylinder reinforcers for their Xeno horns.

Then a few weeks later we had Cade visit us from South Dakota for a valve alignment, only to find out that he was visiting for the Disney band’s reunion concert. Although we couldn’t make it to the park to see the show, we did find some videos online to share with you of the band. It looks like they had a lot of fun…and word has it that on “Bubbles was a Cheerleader” they had trumpet players who only played the ‘doits’.

Enjoy –

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