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Trombone Mouthpieces – Series 2

We are hard at work designing our next release of the Bob Reeves – Brass Ark trombone mouthpiece line. Our second release will include our first two small bore tenor trombone mouthpieces.

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the analysis that goes on behind-the-scenes here at the shop. Studying and understanding the acoustics behind the instrument and the mouthpiece only paints part of the picture. Each model represents hundreds of hours of analysis and interacting with players to find out what makes a particular mouthpiece “magical.”

Trombone Mouthpiece Sleeves

We are excited to bring a new product to the trombone world in the next few weeks. With the Reeves Trombone Sleeves you can control the penetration of your mouthpiece in your trombone. For large bore trombones you can go back and forth between the standard large bore shank and the Remington shank just by switching sleeves. There is no need to get a separate mouthpiece.

All Bob Reeves – Brass Ark trombone mouthpieces can be ordered ready to accept the sleeves, or, we can convert your mouthpiece.

Bob Reeves – Brass Ark Trombone Mouthpieces

Trombone Mouthpieces by Bob Reeves Brass – Brass Ark

The Mr. Bass Trombone model mouthpiece.
The Mr. Bass Trombone model mouthpiece.

We are pleased to announce a trombone mouthpiece collaboration between Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces and The Brass Ark, creating an exciting line of premium trombone mouthpieces. Initially we will offer five trombone mouthpiece models with more in the pipeline. Introducing, on specific request, a revolutionary shank system allowing customization for the professional to fine tune the penetration of the mouthpiece into their instrument’s receiver. Various shanks and rim combinations are also available as special options.

We will be unveiling the mouthpieces and offering consultations September 21st-23rd at Joy Brass in Japan.

About Bob Reeves Brass

Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces is a world renowned maker of the highest quality hand crafted mouthpieces for professional trumpet players for over 50 years.

About The Brass Ark

The Brass Ark, established in 2010 by trombonist Noah Gladstone, celebrates the love and passion for legendary brass craftsmanship and brings it to the forefront of musicians’ minds through the development and cultivation of modern equipment that firmly establishes its roots in the classic designs of the vintage masters.

Trombone Mouthpiece Concept

Trombone Mouthpiece line by Bob Reeves Brass and The Brass Ark
Trombone Mouthpiece line by Bob Reeves Brass and The Brass Ark

We are very excited and proud to see this mouthpiece project come to fruition. Bringing a premium line of hand crafted mouthpieces, available to the trombone community, has been a dream for both companies. The Bob Reeves/Brass Ark mouthpieces are some of the finest ever produced and we are confident that our philosophy of bringing rare and classic designs integrated with the modern mainstream has created something very special.

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Trombone Mouthpiece Sizes and Availability

Bob Reeves - Brass Ark Trombone Mouthpieces available as solid or screw-rim models.
Bob Reeves – Brass Ark Trombone Mouthpieces available as solid or screw-rim models.

Now taking pre-orders for delivery in October 2015. Our sizes available: 5G, 4G, 5G-4G, 4G-5G and the “Mr. Bass Trombone”.

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