Alan Ware — The Other Side of the Bell: Episode #50

Alan Ware – Trumpet Interview

The Other Side of the Bell Alan Ware LogoWelcome to the show notes for Episode #50 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features CHASE trumpeter, Alan Ware.

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About Alan Ware

Alan was born in 1937 in Wichita, Kansas. In 1955 Alan joined the Army after which he enrolled at The Berklee School of Music in Boston. In 1969, he joined Bill Chase’s new band, which was still in rehearsal. The band toured the Midwest extensively until the first album produced a hit in April of 1971. Alan left the band as a regular in 1973.

Alan played gigs in Las Vegas until 1981 when he was elected Business Gent for the Musicians Union of Las Vegas, Local 369. He was elected secretary/treasurer two years later and held that office until 1991. Alan worked for a major car rental corporation in various departments until retirement in April of 2007.

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