Ottaviano Cristofoli — The Other Side of the Bell: Episode #45

Episode #45 — Ottaviano Cristofoli


Welcome to the show notes for Episode #45 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features Ottaviano Cristofoli, principal trumpet with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Trumpet Mouthpiece Alteration Testimonial

We received these kind words in an email today:

Dear Brett @ Bob Reeves Brass,

A while back you put a 69 backbore in my YAMAHA Vizzutti mouthpiece. I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! I have been using it ever since and it is exactly what I had hoped it to be.

Thanks again!


Since day one, Bob Reeves has had the same goal: to help the brass player sound better after working with us than when they walked in the door. Sometimes, this means an alteration to your existing equipment. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to? Take what’s already working and make the necessary adjustment.

While we are certainly proud to have many players using Bob Reeves mouthpieces, we take just as much pride in our customers who are out playing other equipment that we have altered and adjusted for them.

Video: Trumpet Mouthpiece In The Making

A lot of work goes into making every Bob Reeves Brass trumpet mouthpiece. Even our stock mouthpieces take from 45 minutes to an hour to make, and that is after the blank is made on our CNC Lathe.

You can see how an underpart blank is made in our previous blog post here.

Below is a time-lapse video we took that shows how many steps are involved in making a Bob Reeves mouthpiece.