Playing Taps in the Cold

We received this moving picture from our customer Murray Gordon, who is often requested to play Taps to honor our service members who have passed away. Murray told that during the winter months the temperature dips well below freezing, making an already difficult performance even harder. To help with the cold he uses our Classical Series mouthpiece with a Delrin plastic rim.

The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast; Episode #35: Edward Carroll

Episode #35 –Edward Carroll

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Welcome to the show notes for Episode #35 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features internationally acclaimed soloist, orchestral trumpeter and educator, Edward Carroll.

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Making a Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece Underpart Blank

Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece Underpart Blanks

In the old days, Bob Reeves used to shut down the shop for 6 to 8 weeks in order to make his mouthpiece blanks for the year. That meant nothing shipped, the doors were locked and the phones went straight to the answering machine (once those were invented).

Today, we use our CNC lathe to crank out trumpet mouthpiece underparts, all threaded and ready to be turned into mouthpieces, every 90 seconds. That means we can make a good supply of them in a week and mostly unattended. Someone has to throw a 6-foot rod of brass into the bar feeder every hour or so.

Here is our CNC doing its magic:

Fabio Bau Visits From Italy

Fabio Bau – Italian Trumpet Player Visits

You never know what each day will bring at Bob Reeves Brass. Last week professional trumpet player Fabio Bau was in town and decided to swing by the shop.

Fabio had us perform a valve alignment on his Yamaha Bb trumpet and was shocked by the results. We then consulted on mouthpieces and he ended up altering the shank on his Bach mouthpiece for classical work and picked up a Bob Reeves 42/S for his commercial work.

Be sure to watch for Fabio on Italian TV…he might be wearing his Bob Reeves Brass polo shirt!

Custom Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Custom Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Solutions

If you are like most trumpet players your flugelhorn is more of an afterthought. It is something you have to lug around to pull out for the ballad — cold, out of tune, and using a mouthpiece that you’re not quite sure goes with the flugel. A custom flugelhorn mouthpiece can help.

One way to help make the flugelhorn easier and more fun to play is by customizing the mouthpiece. A service we often recommend is threading your trumpet rim (or a backup) and putting on your flugel mouthpiece. That way, when you make the quick switch between trumpet and flugel on the bandstand, the mouthpieces feel similar. This takes away a lot of the shock factor of playing flugelhorn.

More helpful information

Would you like more information on flugelhorns and mouthpieces? Check these pages out on our blog and website:

Jazz Trumpet Player Steve Huffsteter Visits The Shop

Our long time friend and jazz legend here in Los Angeles, Steve Huffsteter,  visited the shop in preparation for his 80th birthday big band celebration at Catalina’s last week.