2014 International Trumpet Guild Conference — King of Prussia, PA

Next month we will be heading to King of Prussia, PA for the 2014 International Trumpet Guild Conference. The conference runs from May 20th to the 24th, and will be full of great performances, clinics, and lectures. Be sure to swing by the Bob Reeves Brass booth to meet Bob, Brett, and John!

Valve alignment

How far out are your valves?
How far out are your valves?

Have you always wanted a Bob Reeves Patented Valve Alignment but don’t want to ship your trumpet to our shop? You’re in luck because we’ll be doing alignments at the ITG Conference. Just drop your horn off at our booth and you can pick it up the next day!

If you’re not sure you need an alignment, you can bring your trumpet by our booth and we will be happy to measure it to show you how far out of alignment it is free of charge.

We will be having a valve alignment special at the show, discounting from our normal price by $45! We are only doing a limited number of alignments and reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Book Early and save an additional $25

If you book your alignment and prepay for it now, you will save an additional $25 for a total savings of $70. If you want to secure your alignment slot now, you can click here to place a pre-order. Please note: there will be no refunds on pre-orders and your card will be charged when we receive the order. If for some reason you will be unable to be at the ITG conference, the credit from your pre-order can be used for any future work at out shop.

Trumpet Consultations

Bob Reeves Consulting with a Customer
Bob Reeves consulting with a customer at a previous ITG conference

Our staff will be available during the entire conference for mouthpiece and equipment consultation. For those players who live far away from LA, this is a great opportunity to meet Bob Reeves and garner some of his knowledge and stories! Brett and John will also be available during the show for equipment consultations (although their stories are not nearly as entertaining as Bob’s!).


Mouthpieces, mouthpieces, and more mouthpieces

350 Trumpet Mouthpieces at the ITG Conference
350 Trumpet Mouthpieces at the ITG Conference

If you’ve never visited our booth at a trade show before, you are in for a real treat. We bring everything but the kitchen sink. Here’s a partial list of stuff we will have for you to try (and buy!) at the show:

Other Fun Stuff

Besides the vast mouthpiece selection, we will have the following accessories and products on display:

The Ultimate Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Shank Guide

Flugelhorn Mouthpiece GuideDoes your flugelhorn mouthpiece wobble? Do you have problems with intonation, slotting or sound with your flugel?

If you’ve ever played a flugelhorn for more than five minutes you’ve undoubtedly run into a problem involving shanks and receivers. No mouthpiece seems to play or fit correctly and you keep hearing about a “taper” that isn’t a taper — what is going on?

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12 Trumpet Mouthpiece Gap Myths

One of the most talked about aspects of trumpet equipment over the last few years has been the annulus, or gap, and rightly so because it can have a huge impact on how your trumpet and mouthpiece play.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion and plain old misinformation that gets passed around making a relatively simple adjustment much more complex than necessary.

Don’t worry, we are here to help by dispelling some of the popular myths about the trumpet gap.
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The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast; Episode #13: Rick Baptist

Episode #13 – Rick Baptist

The Other Side of the Bell - Rick Baptist

Welcome to the show notes for Episode #13 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast. This episode features the top-call L.A. studio trumpet player Rick Baptist. Rick has performed on countless television and movie scores, and is very proud to have recently performed for the 30th time at this year’s Academy Awards broadcast. Rick Baptist is a Schilke trumpet artist.

Listen to the trumpet podcast right from your browser:

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