A Visit to Bob Reeves Brass: By Trumpeter Bill Bagnall

Bob Reeves working with Bill Bagnall
Bob Reeves working with Bill Bagnall

“My family’’s summer RV excursion took us to fabulous locations in the Western United States. We visited National Parks such as: Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Hell’s Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and more. It made sense then, to complete this tour with a memorable visit to the famous Bob Reeve shop.

I had sent my horn in a couple of weeks prior to our departure for a patented valve alignment. I also had high hopes of leaving California with an arsenal of mouthpieces. You know…souvenirs. The last stop of our trip was an appointment with Bob Reeves. When I arrived, my horn was ready and Bob greeted me with a smile.

His hospitality was evident in so many ways. He spent time with me and insisted that I play my “new” horn in his studio. He explained the process he used to align my valves and basically told me that I now had a horn that would play.

He spent a considerable amount of time with me, which I really wasn’t expecting. He listened to me play, and was able to provide me with valuable feedback. He was able to hear colors in my tone and assisted me in comparing a few mouthpieces.

Bill Bagnall & Bob Reeves
Bill Bagnall & Bob Reeves, Summer ’09

I first learned about Bob Reeves Mouthpieces while studying trumpet with the late Roy Cummings at the University of Washington. While I’m not a professional trumpet player, I certainly benefited from Bob’s craftsmanship and instruction. My valve alignment and mouthpieces have made noticeable improvements in my playing. I will always recall with fondness my master class with the master, Bob Reeves.”

Bill Bagnall
Bothell, Washington

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Gary Grant’s Studio Musician Manual For A Long and Productive Career

  1. Be early.
  2. Show-up at proper studio.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Keep a good attitude.
  5. Keep mouth shut!
  6. Keep feet still.
  7. Don’t talk!
  8. Smile!
  9. Mind your own business.
  10. Don’t complain about parking.
  11. Sharpen pencil.
  12. Fill out forms immediately.
  13. Set up instruments 10 minutes before downbeat.
  14. Pay Attention!
  15. Keep earphones on.
  16. Don’t leave earphones uncovered.
  17. Listen!
  18. Be Ready to play at all times.
  19. Keep hands down.
  20. Stay awake.
  21. Don’t make any noise!
  22. Be polite.
  23. Say hello to leader.
  24. Charisma at all times.
  25. Don’t leave the stand.
  26. Warm-up very softly.
  27. Actually tune to the given “A”.
  28. Mark your parts so anyone can read.
  29. Don’t ask questions.
  30. Watch leader.
  31. Stay mellow.
  32. Don’t forget mutes.
  33. Keep instrument in working condition.
  34. Always seem interested in the music.
  35. Don’t look ahead.
  36. Stop playing when leader stops.
  37. Never talk immediately after a “Take”!
  38. Never hang over at end.
  39. Don’t play melodies that may have been “ripped-off”.
  40. Try to only have enough chops for that particular job.
  41. Don’t correct wrong notes after the final take.
  42. Be congenial.
  43. Don’t over compliment “great performances”.
  44. Never point at other musicians.
  45. Use the “chain of command”.
  46. Laugh at every joke.
  47. Say “yes” to everything.
  48. Blend and balance.
  49. Concentrate.
  50. Be quiet!
  51. Stay in chair.
  52. Be budget-conscious.
  53. Say thanks to everyone.
  54. Don’t be critical of fellow musicians.
  55. Don’t drink booze on the job!
  56. No drugs!
  57. Talk only on 10’s!
  58. Do not bother contractor!
  59. Focus!
  60. SILENCE!
  61. Concentrate.
  62. Stay out of the booth.
  63. Compliment engineers.
  64. Stay away from producers.
  65. Don’t eat booth food.
  66. Don’t complain about air conditioner.
  67. Don’t complain about mix.
  68. Don’t expect booth improvements, decade to decade.
  69. Don’t “produce” from the orchestra.
  70. Don’t pack-up early.
  71. Don’t leave until you’re excused.
  72. Pick-up all reminders.
  73. Clean up area when finished.
  74. Don’t make an ass out of yourself!
  75. Never ever say, Who wrote this $%&^%$^!?!