Bob Reeves Brass Trumpet Mouthpieces

Bob Reeves Valve Alignment - PVA performed on Bach Strad, Schilke, Calicchio, Olds, Destino, Monette, Benge, Conn, Eclipse, Kanstul, Lawler, Yamaha, Selmer and pocket trumpet.
Reeves Trumpet Mouthpiece - Also Cornet Mouthpieces, Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces, Flugel Flugelhorn Mouthpieces and Purviance Mouthpieces Trumpet Mouthpieces.
Bob Reeves Trumpet Accessories - leadpipe swab, receiver ring, trumpet valve oil, cylinder reinforcer, mouthpiece pouches.

 7C and 10-1/2C Classical Series
Trumpet Mouthpieces Available Now



Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
Vintage Feel, Classic Sound, Modern Design: The new Bob Reeves Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpieces are now available for order. Available in 6C, 3C, 1-1/2C and 1-1/4C sizes. (click here)

Trumpet Mouthpiece Advisor
Better than any trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart, our Advisor can tell you which Reeves trumpet mouthpiece to try in order to improve your playing. (click here)

H2Oil - Valve Oil Now In Stock!
H2Oil is the only valve oil that mixes with water, which means the more you play, the longer it lasts. Available in 1oz and 8oz sizes. (click here)

Bob Reeves Blog - Updated Weekly!
Keep up to date with the latest news and developments at Bob Reeves Brass as well as read stories from Bob's 40 years of making trumpet mouthpieces on our official Blog. (click here)


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